KMA Industries Group

Our company is a supplier for the accessory of Industries filtration and separation equipment, and environmental products. We are committed to reduce our clients total costs by offering innovative and environmentally sound solutions, our customers covered all over the world, including USA, Korea, Germany, Australia, Israeli, Singapore etc..

The products that we manufactured include: bag vessels, bags, cartridge vessels, self-cleaning filter, oil&fuel filter, cabin air filter, spin on oil filter, air filter for engineer machine, power generator and vehicle, fiberglass sand&carbon filter&vessel, fiberglass membrane vessel, UV, meltblown cartridge, string wound cartridge, pleated cartridge,  stainless steel cartridge, swimming pool &SPA cartridge, carbon filter cartridge, dust collection bag&cartridge filter etc. We can provide all kinds of filter products with good quality and price.Contact with our corporate office and we will provide you with detailed information about how a relationship with LP FILTER would benefit your firm.